Bear Creek Labs is a small quality – not quantity – home to outstanding Labrador companions. We offer silver, chocolate, black and yellow colors specializing in high quality puppies. We also believe that a lab should be your hunting pal, family pet, personal companion and much more.

We strive to breed dogs that maintain good health, breed conformation, and a great temperament. Our goal is to place our puppies in loving homes where they will be companions first and foremost. To ensure this we raise our puppies at our home so that each puppy is family socialized and loved from day one, with a lifetime commitment and companionship in mind.

Our puppies have a great classic look, are laid back with a mellow temperament, yet have unbelievable drive and desire to be trained for a working environment. It is the temperament above all else that has made the lab the most sought after breed of dog. Temperament and soundness are of the highest importance to us and we strive to produce puppies that will become irreplaceable members of your family for years to come. We only have dogs in our breeding stock that we feel represent the best of what labs can be. Our dedicated commitment to produce the best possible dogs that are our companions, buddies, and best friends for life is very serious.

We encourage that all pets be micro-chipped for their protection! Love and care for them as family; they are a part of it!